Top 10 Ranking PHP FrameworksTop 10 Ranking PHP Frameworks

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Top 10 Hot PHP Frameworks

1 Yii (153 votes)  talk Yii at forum  discuss Yii

4 Zend (74 votes)  talk Zend at forum  discuss Zend

6 PHPDevShell (42 votes)

7 Prado (29 votes)  talk Prado at forum  discuss Prado

8 Akelos (24 votes)  talk Akelos at forum  discuss Akelos

9 ZooP (5 votes)

10 QPHP (5 votes)

Top 10 Ranking PHP Frameworks

1 Yii (avg: 4.75) Ranking:      talk Yii at forum  discuss Yii

2 PhpOpenbiz (avg: 4.67) Ranking:    

3 CodeIgniter (avg: 4.45) Ranking:      talk CodeIgniter at forum  discuss CodeIgniter

4 CakePHP (avg: 4.4) Ranking:      talk CakePHP at forum  discuss CakePHP

5 Symfony (avg: 4.36) Ranking:      talk Symfony at forum  discuss Symfony

6 PHPDevShell (avg: 4.36) Ranking:    

7 Prado (avg: 4.17) Ranking:      talk Prado at forum  discuss Prado

8 Akelos (avg: 4.04) Ranking:      talk Akelos at forum  discuss Akelos

9 Zend (avg: 4.03) Ranking:      talk Zend at forum  discuss Zend

10 eZ Components (avg: 3.67) Ranking:    

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 1 Rating:
 Отмашкин Владимир Николаевич
 Posted by DaltonGox
 2 Rating:
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 Posted by Real Race Aspha
 3 Rating:
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 Posted by Mihailcoar
 4 Rating:
 Второй вариант полного описания объявления + пара вариаций
 Posted by XRumerTest
 5 Rating:
 cakephp is the best MVC
 Posted by reda
 6 Rating:
 Powerful and stable. The best framework I've used.
 Posted by camilohaze
 7 Rating:
 Super framework. very essay to use and generate crud. Amazon!
 Posted by Jnanendra Veer
 8 Rating:
 Bom d+++++++++ melhor framework já visto
 Posted by Philipe Lemos
 9 Rating:
 Its a very good frame work
 Posted by Sumit Tawal
 10 Rating:
 very good MVC with security
 Posted by Mr. KK
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