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PHP Framework PHP4 PHP5 MVC Multiple DB's ORM DB Objects Templates Caching Validation Ajax Auth Module Modules EDP
Akelos Visit Akelos download url talk Akelos at forum Akelos Support PHP4 Akelos Support PHP5 Akelos Support MVC Akelos Support Multiple DB Akelos Support ORM Akelos Support DB Objects Akelos Support Templates Akelos Support Caching Akelos Support Validation Akelos Support Ajax Akelos Support Auth Module Akelos Support Modules -
ash.MVC Visit ash.MVC download url  - ash.MVC Support PHP5 ash.MVC Support MVC - - ash.MVC Support DB Objects ash.MVC Support Templates - ash.MVC Support Validation - ash.MVC Support Auth Module ash.MVC Support Modules -
CakePHP Visit CakePHP download url talk CakePHP at forum CakePHP Support PHP4 CakePHP Support PHP5 CakePHP Support MVC CakePHP Support Multiple DB CakePHP Support ORM CakePHP Support DB Objects - CakePHP Support Caching CakePHP Support Validation CakePHP Support Ajax CakePHP Support Auth Module CakePHP Support Modules -
CodeIgniter Visit CodeIgniter download url talk CodeIgniter at forum CodeIgniter Support PHP4 CodeIgniter Support PHP5 CodeIgniter Support MVC CodeIgniter Support Multiple DB - CodeIgniter Support DB Objects CodeIgniter Support Templates CodeIgniter Support Caching CodeIgniter Support Validation - - - -
DIY Visit DIY download url  - DIY Support PHP5 DIY Support MVC - DIY Support ORM DIY Support DB Objects DIY Support Templates DIY Support Caching - DIY Support Ajax - - -
eZ Components Visit eZ Components download url  - eZ Components Support PHP5 - eZ Components Support Multiple DB - eZ Components Support DB Objects eZ Components Support Templates eZ Components Support Caching eZ Components Support Validation - - - -
Fusebox Visit Fusebox download url  Fusebox Support PHP4 Fusebox Support PHP5 Fusebox Support MVC Fusebox Support Multiple DB - - - Fusebox Support Caching - Fusebox Support Ajax - Fusebox Support Modules -
PHP on TRAX Visit PHP on TRAX download url  - PHP on TRAX Support PHP5 PHP on TRAX Support MVC PHP on TRAX Support Multiple DB PHP on TRAX Support ORM PHP on TRAX Support DB Objects - - PHP on TRAX Support Validation PHP on TRAX Support Ajax - PHP on TRAX Support Modules -
PHPDevShell Visit PHPDevShell download url  - PHPDevShell Support PHP5 PHPDevShell Support MVC - PHPDevShell Support ORM PHPDevShell Support DB Objects PHPDevShell Support Templates PHPDevShell Support Caching PHPDevShell Support Validation PHPDevShell Support Ajax PHPDevShell Support Auth Module PHPDevShell Support Modules -
PhpOpenbiz Visit PhpOpenbiz download url  - PhpOpenbiz Support PHP5 PhpOpenbiz Support MVC PhpOpenbiz Support Multiple DB PhpOpenbiz Support ORM PhpOpenbiz Support DB Objects PhpOpenbiz Support Templates - PhpOpenbiz Support Validation PhpOpenbiz Support Ajax PhpOpenbiz Support Auth Module - -
Prado Visit Prado download url talk Prado at forum - Prado Support PHP5 Prado Support MVC Prado Support Multiple DB Prado Support ORM Prado Support DB Objects Prado Support Templates Prado Support Caching Prado Support Validation Prado Support Ajax Prado Support Auth Module Prado Support Modules Prado Support EDP
QPHP Visit QPHP download url  QPHP Support PHP4 QPHP Support PHP5 QPHP Support MVC QPHP Support Multiple DB - QPHP Support DB Objects QPHP Support Templates - QPHP Support Validation QPHP Support Ajax QPHP Support Auth Module QPHP Support Modules QPHP Support EDP
Seagull Visit Seagull download url  Seagull Support PHP4 Seagull Support PHP5 Seagull Support MVC Seagull Support Multiple DB Seagull Support ORM Seagull Support DB Objects Seagull Support Templates Seagull Support Caching Seagull Support Validation Seagull Support Ajax Seagull Support Auth Module Seagull Support Modules -
Symfony Visit Symfony download url talk Symfony at forum - Symfony Support PHP5 Symfony Support MVC Symfony Support Multiple DB Symfony Support ORM Symfony Support DB Objects - Symfony Support Caching Symfony Support Validation Symfony Support Ajax Symfony Support Auth Module Symfony Support Modules -
WACT Visit WACT download url talk WACT at forum WACT Support PHP4 WACT Support PHP5 WACT Support MVC WACT Support Multiple DB - WACT Support DB Objects WACT Support Templates - WACT Support Validation - - WACT Support Modules -
WASP Visit WASP download url  - WASP Support PHP5 WASP Support MVC - - WASP Support DB Objects WASP Support Templates - WASP Support Validation WASP Support Ajax WASP Support Auth Module WASP Support Modules -
Yii Visit Yii download url talk Yii at forum - Yii Support PHP5 Yii Support MVC Yii Support Multiple DB Yii Support ORM Yii Support DB Objects Yii Support Templates Yii Support Caching Yii Support Validation Yii Support Ajax Yii Support Auth Module Yii Support Modules Yii Support EDP
Zend Visit Zend download url talk Zend at forum - Zend Support PHP5 Zend Support MVC Zend Support Multiple DB Zend Support ORM Zend Support DB Objects Zend Support Templates Zend Support Caching Zend Support Validation Zend Support Ajax Zend Support Auth Module Zend Support Modules -
ZooP Visit ZooP download url  ZooP Support PHP4 ZooP Support PHP5 ZooP Support MVC ZooP Support Multiple DB - ZooP Support DB Objects ZooP Support Templates ZooP Support Caching ZooP Support Validation ZooP Support Ajax ZooP Support Auth Module - -

  • MVC: Indicates whether the framework comes with inbuilt support for a Model-View-Controller setup.
  • Multiple DB's: Indicates whether the framework supports multiple databases without having to change anything.
  • ORM: Indicates whether the framework supports an object-record mapper, usually an implementation of ActiveRecord.
  • DB Objects: Indicates whether the framework includes other database objects, like a TableGateWay.
  • Templates: Indicates whether the framework has an inbuilt template engine.
  • Caching: Indicates whether the framework includes a caching object or some way other way of caching.
  • Validation: Indicates whether the framework has an inbuilt validation or filtering component.
  • Ajax: Indicates whether the framework comes with inbuilt support for Ajax.
  • Auth Module: Indicates whether the framework has an inbuilt module for handling user authentication.
  • Modules: Indicates whether the framework has other modules, like an RSS feed parser, PDF module or anything else (useful).
  • EDP: Event Driven Programming.New!

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